Analogy has curated its services to meet the needs of health and medical companies looking to reach, engage and empower its stakeholders. Analogy maintains a constant review of the services offered to ensure they continue to deliver in a changing industry sector. Analogy prioritises agile, strategic solutions with strong messages that resonate with key audiences. Currently we offer:

Audience insight and strategic communications planning – Only by understanding the audiences and the market context will success be possible.
Narrative and message development – Crafting the most compelling product story.
Corporate narrative and counsel– Telling the company story, internally and externally.
Advocacy and professional identification and engagement programmes – Building credible partnership with your audiences enhances opportunities for all parties.
Brand launch packages – Core communications packages reflecting individual brand needs for support.
Digital insights and campaigns – Reaching the world on the web through digital and social channels.
Content strategy and production – The tools to communicate; nationally, regionally or globally.
Disease awareness and service reconfiguration – Supporting healthcare professionals in improving service provision and translating advances into better care.
Scientific meetings, including advisory boards, symposia and medical education – Creating understanding amongst healthcare audiences


Analogy has proven experience in delivering for biopharmaceutical companies seeking to explain, educate and empower. The following provides three brief case studies. For more detail please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Defining what a business stands for in a new space

Fresenius Kab:
Establishing new franchise in Europe and Asian ‘branded generics’ market. Corporate visual and messaging integration, through franchise value proposition into individual medicine branding.


Ensuring people understand the science of genetics

Digital strategy and implementation to build understanding of new genetics-based medicines, and illustrate the daily impact of cystic fibrosis on those living with the disease.

value added medicines

Helping a business to really understand

Broad communications support at European level for a respiratory medicine. Campaign included launch and post-launch activity, as well as disease awareness initiatives.